Mulching and Mulch Bed Services

Today we have many options as landscapers. Mulch is one of the most important decisions we have to make. There are not only many different colors but also many different types of mulch. Mulch helps retain moisture in our beds, protect plant roots, shade out trees, and add color contrast in landscape.

Did you know?

-Some mulch manufactures today use old lumber rather than natural tree bark.

-Often times landscapers mistakenly apply too much mulch which can cause damage to plants, tree bark, and promote pests around the foundation of your home.

-Mulch is not only what you see in bags at the gardening supply store. Depending on your situation, quality mulch can include grass clippings, straw, rock, leaves, and pine needles.

-Certain types of mulch can raise and lower your soils PH levels.

-For less maintenance an excellent and popular option today is rock mulch